As a visual artist I love to create images.

I adore photography in all its possibilites.

I cherish people in all their diversity.

I aim for truth and beauty in my work.“



fascinated by the atmosphere and the odors of the analog darkroom and the joy of seeing the latent picture taking form in the developer bath, donnerstern began to photograph in his early teens with an analog, fully mechanical Fujica found on the attic of his parents. Was it first the craft, with its various aspects of chemistry, physics and technology that accomodated his curiousity, after visiting an exposition of the works of Man Ray, photography as a medium of art became the center of interest to him.

Since then, donnerstern has realised several expositions in Rome and St. Gallen in the fields of landscape, macro and street photography.

After overcoming the limiting belief that a photographer should report and tell a story of what he found but must not take influence in the scene, donnerstern began in 2012 with studio work and working with professional models, soon developing a keen interest for the fields of beauty, fashion, budoir and nude photography. This site is dedicated mainly to this aspect of his work.

donnerstern lives and works in St. Gallen where he grew up and returned to after several years in Bern and Rome.